Paradise & Visage
Paradise & Visage
Paradise & Visage
Paradise & Visage
Paradise & Visage

Paradise & Visage

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An evocative photographic journey in two volumes.

Volume One is Paradise, a beautiful visual record of Edwin Koo's travels into one of the most politically controversial places in recent history—the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

An introspective journey and a personal reflection on this remote area referred to as "janad" (meaning paradise), this volume documents everyday life in the Swat Valley since the mass exodus of its population (more than two million inhabitants) in 2009. It is a commentary on the fragility of the natural environment and its ecology and testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of conflict and loss.

Part Two is Visage, a collection of photographs taken by Koo during his visit to Cognac, France in early 2013, where he photographed the world-famous Martell cognac distillery. This volume comprises 49 beautifully shot black and white photographs detailing the process of cognac and the people dedicated to its production. A testament to their passion, it illustrates the fascinating journey from vine to the distillery to bottling and completion.

Edwin Koo
Agnes de Gouvion Saint-Cyr & Zubair Torwali
PARADISE 8.75" x 10" hardcover w/ Jacket, 75 images (BW), 164 pages, includes 6 gatefolds and additional 32 pages as inserts, Bi Lingual - French and English
VISAGE 8.75" x 10" hardcover w/jacket, 49 images (BW), 84 pages w/ gatefolds, Bi Lingual - French and English
ISBN 978-971-0579-23-5
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