Zhangzhou Ware Found In The Philippines


Zhangzhou ware was primarily produced during the16th and 17th century in Fujian, China. They were meant to meet the trading demands of the neighboring countries in Asia.

This catalog, Zhangzhou Ware Found in the Philippines, substantiates historical accounts of the Philippines being one of the thriving markets of China’s ceramic trade in the late Ming period. The collection in this catalog clearly shows to the world the range and variety of Zhangzhou ware shipped to the Philippines in the 16th and 17th century of the Ming dynasty. Today Zhangzhou ware continues to attract collectors because of its rustic charm.

This contains rarely seen Swatow ware from private collectors, and includes photographs of precious museum artifacts of the San Isidro and San Diego Shipwrecks from the collection of the National Museum of the Philippines, IEASM, and the Maritime Museum of Madrid.

Author: Rita C. Tan
Specifications: Photographer: Ken Cheong
9.5 x 11 inches
192 pages, 260 images, full Color
Soft cover: ISBN 978-971-93170-9-8
Hard cover: ISBN 978-971-93170-0-6


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