The Romantics Of Betrayal New Works By Eric Chan

The Romantics of Betrayal  New Works by Eric Chan probes our romantic sensibilities in this rich, vivid portfolio of works. For contemporary painter Chan (b. 1975, Malaysia/Singapore) body and beauty are objects of desire, and weapons in the charged arena of amorous power games and dynamics. Oriental empresses, Indian sepoys, Victorian gardens, exotic insects, and butterflies, and classical lovers emerge in his canvases, inspired by historical archives, classical, and pop fiction as well as photography annals. This 88-page full-colour publication accompanies Chan’s solo exhibition presented by ION Art, a milestone visual arts program launched by ION Orchard, Singapore.

Specifications: 9 x 11 inches
88 pages, 69 images
Soft Cover: ISBN 978-971-0579-03-7
Co-published by ION Art and Silver Rue
SGD 25.00


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