Teng Nee Cheong Those The Gods Love Grow Mightier

Over the past couple of decades, Singapore has propelled in its appreciation of the arts and developed a focus on her local artists to promote diversity in culture – and to foster creativity in her population. Teng Nee Cheong – Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier offers a refreshing insight on the life, works, and innermost thoughts of renowned Singaporean artist Teng Nee Cheong that span a period of 40 years. He encapsulates the various influences of culture and traditions around Asia by using symbols of Balinese mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
Editor: Lindy Poh
Contributors: Jasdeep Sandhu, Low Sze Wee, Suteja Neka, Teng Nee Cheong, TK Sabapathy
Specifications: 10 x 12 inches
136 pages, 125 images, full color
Hard cover: ISBN 978-981-08-06053-0


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