Roots, Remembrances, & Journeys: The Mariano Mendoza Family


Roots Remembrances & Journeys: The Mariano Mendoza Family of Sta. Maria, Bulacan established the lineage and legacy of the clan’s matriarch and patriarch, Mariano and Maria Mendoza, and their twelve children.

Forgotten faded photographs and riveting stories of the past from kith and kin weave into the present, making a family tapestry of generations that have journeyed through a century of war, peace, adventures, migrations, and life cycles of births, deaths, tragedies and fortunes.

This book aims to pass on the proud tradition and history of the Mendoza family from the older and present generations and those who would come after them.

Specifications: Mendoza Family Publications Committee

Contributing Writers: Ruben David Defeo, Tessa Jazmines, Trina dela Rama

First Edition 2014

280 pages, full color

10.5 x 12 inches

Hard Cover: ISBN 978-971-0579-24-2


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