Listen To Unspoken Words

Out of a genuine desire to raise awareness of the deaf community and gain a deeper understanding of them, five young friends immersed themselves in a world without spoken words and chronicled their journey. Joaquin, Michaela, Christine, Rhea and Krystel learned Sign language and got to know new friends from the deaf community with whom they shared laughter, adventure, and conversation that come straight from the heart.
In Listen to Unspoken Words, the circle of five shares the highlights of their personal encounters and their unique insights from the journey through prose, poetry, painting, and photography. Their stories and images convey a powerful message: there is so much more we share in common with the deaf that we realize; their lives are a testament to what it takes to live life fully, if only we are willing to listen deeply.
We publish this book because we believe that their stories should not only be heard, but listened to.
Editor: Joaquin Benares, Michaela Eduque, Christine Kelly, Rhea Schmid, Krystel, Yang, Roberto Salva
Specifications: Photographer: Rhea Schmid
8.5 x 8.65 inches
80 pages, 44 images, full color
Hard Cover: ISBN 978-971-0579-04-4


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