Land Of The Morning: The Philippines And Its People


The interaction of diverse cultural influences, including early Austronesian migrants, Chinese traders, Hindu-Buddhist and Muslim Southeast Asians, as well as Spanish colonizers, and the Roman Catholic Church have profoundly affected the development of Filipino culture and identity.

Land of the Morning: the Philippines and its People features nearly 300 objects, both from the ACM’s own collection as well as from the Ayala Museum, the National Museum of the Philippines, the Central Bank of the Philippines, and private lenders in Manila and Singapore.

This is the first time this superb group of objects, including a number of important national treasures, has ever been seen together, making this publication an important document on Filipino culture.

Author: David Alan Henkel, Purissima Benitez-Johannot, Dr. Julius Bautista, Lou Janssen Dangzalan
Specifications: Publisher: Asian Civilisations Museum,
Photographer: Ken Cheong
10.6 x 9.45 inches
176 pages, 300 images, full color
Soft cover: ISBN 9789710579013


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