Kapihan A Celebration Of Coffee In The Philippines

Created to honor the Filipinos’ unending love affair with coffee, KapihanA Celebration of Coffee in the Philippines is as pleasurable to read as sipping a fresh cup of coffee. It tells the story of how coffee journeyed around the world to get to the Philippines, how it spread into every corner of the archipelago, and into every context of human activity.  Both social and sensual, coffee has created memories, anchored livelihoods and spawned relationships.

This 160-page caffeine-filled book is gallery, album, storybook, cookbook, part travelogue and repository of trivia. It will show how coffee acquired its own distinctive Philippine roots and how it has enabled Filipinos through the years.

Author: Noel Sy-Quia
Specifications: Photographer: Neal Oshima
9 x 10 inches
160 pages, 141 images, full color
With special Jacket
Soft Cover: ISBN 978-971-93896-1-3


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