Javid Sawen Nu Vatan

Batanes is a province in the northernmost tip of the Philippines known for its pristine, rolling verdant landscapes, as well as boulder beaches and rocky shorelines that meet the rising and lashing waves from surrounding seas. With this characteristic and distinctive scenery and landscape, Batanes is a place where many feel, time stands still.

Javid Sawen nu Vatan (“How Beautiful is Batanes!”) features beautiful watercolor paintings by Victoria Abad Kerblat, drawn from vivid memories and nostalgic reminiscences of her childhood and life in Batanes.

The publication also features works by collaborating artist Pio Abad, and members of Yaru nu Artes Ivatan, a group of young Ivatan artists who are committed to promoting the Ivatan heritage and inspiring the younger generation of Ivatans to appreciate art.

Editor: Victoria Abad Kerblat
Specifications: 7 x 9 inches
84 Pages, 52 images, full color
Soft cover: ISBN 978-971-05791-3-6


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