Inabel: Philippine Textile From The Ilocos Region

INABEL: Philippine Textile from the Ilocos Region celebrates the weaving traditions of ‘Abel’ fabrics. This book highlights the Ilocano brand of craftsmanship, as well as the local people’s ingenuity and industriousness. It recognizes the men and women of the Ilocos communities who keep centuries-old weaving traditions alive and flourishing.

Authored by scholars and experts on Inabel, this book showcases more than eighty vibrant and colorful Ilocano handwoven textiles from past to present. It illustrates the evolution of the Inabel from the 1800s to contemporary times, highlighting the recurring traditional themes and motifs inspired by nature and man.

Author: Al Valenciano, Regalado Trota Jose, Dr. Norma Respicio Michael Manalo, Hannah Cunanan, Rene Guatlo
Specifications: Photographer: Wig Tysmans

8.5 x 12 inches

184 pages, 246 images, full color

Hard cover ISBN 978-971-0579-30-3


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