Flora Filipina: From Acapulco To Manila

The presence of the Spaniards in the Philippines opened the Galleon Trade route from the Americas via Acapulco, which brought different kinds of imports, including botanical species enriched the native landscape and natural life of the Philippines. There were ornamentals, medicinal herbs, and textile plants.

After learning how to cultivate them, the Filipinos learned to use the plants in may different possible ways in the form of food, clothing, medicine, and decorative and functional objects. They became integrated into the culture of the local population as material and motif.

This publication features the exhibition of the same title at the National Museum of the Philippines, which showcases over thirty-one botanical specimens, which has been scientifically collected, treated, mounted, and illustrated (pen and ink, and watercolor).

Author: Corazon S. Alvina and Domingo A. Madulid
Specifications: Photographer: Erik Liongoren
7 x 9 inches
103 pages, 100 images
Full color
Soft cover: ISBN 978-971-94292-5-82010 Winner – Asian Publishing Awards


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