Enlightened Stewardship

Enlightened Stewardship is the second of a two-part story of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It picks up from where the first narrative ended and begins its tale with the then 130-year-old Bank’s entry into universal banking in 1982. It subsequently traces BPI’s development into a broad-based financial institution, a pacesetter in electronic banking, truly “at home in the world of the internet and the multi-faceted service-oriented platforms of the industry.”

The many tales shared by individual members of BPI’s extended family have helped bring to life the basic principle of excellence in service and leadership, which has guided the Bank throughout its long history. The history of the Bank of the Philippine Islands revolves not only around the financial industry, but also around the many people who have helped build it into what it is today.

Author: Maria Teresa J. Colayco
Specifications: 174 pages, full color

9 x 11 inches

Hard cover ISBN 978-971-05791-1-2

Soft Cover ISBN 978-971-05791-0-5


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