Edwin Koo: Visage

The book, Visage, comprising 49 beautiful black and white photographs detailing the cognac-making process and the people involved, is thus a toast to the men and women who play a part in the production of the exquisite Martell cognacs.

The 84-page book testifies to their dedication and passion and gives them pride of place, showing them at work in the vineyards, cooperage, distilleries and bottling plant. The visit to Cognac was part of the prize that Koo received as ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu 2012.

Author: Edwin Koo
Specifications: Author & Photographer: Edwin Koo

Photo Editor: Marc Prüst

Translator: Raphael Millet

84 pages, 49 images, black & white

8.75 x 11 inches

First Edition 2013

Hard Cover ISBN 978-971-0579-22-8


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