Edwin Koo: Paradise

Paradise is a 164-page photographic monograph on Koo’s search for paradise in one of the most controversial places in recent history – the Swat Valley in Pakistan. An introspective journey and a biographical sketch of Swat Valley, the book documents the daily life and extraordinary happenings in Swat Valley since the mass exodus in 2009 and takes one on a discovery of the fragility of Man’s interpretation of paradise as well as the resilience of the human spirit in the face of misfortunes.

“Swat Valley is renowned for its natural beauty, hospitable people and surreal tranquility. It was also once known as janad or paradise where many from all over the world flocked to its folds, in search of paradise on Earth. When I learned about the mass exodus of more than two million people from Swat Valley in 2009, my curiosity on this janad piqued; leading me to investigate into the notion of paradise,” says Edwin Koo.

Editor: Edwin Koo
Contributors: Agnes de Gouvion Saint-Cyr & Zubair Torwali
Specifications: Translator: Raphael Millet

164 pages, 75 images, black & white

8.75 x 10 inches

First Edition 2013

Hard Cover ISBN 978-971-0579-23-5


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