Book Review For Inabel: Philippine Textile From The Ilocos Region

Reference: Design Anthology, Issue 7 // Book Review, P.30

What started as one man’s fascination with Philippine textile traditions transformed into a lifelong quest to document, study and infuse new life into imperiled weaving tradition traditions, starting with his native province. INABEL: Philippine Textile from the Ilocos Region chronicles how Al M. Valenciano traded in a career in accounting to return home and follow his passion, amassing a textile bank of the various abel weave patterns.  Beautifully textured, abel are passed down through the generations and, Valenciano writes, bear personal stories of joy and heartbreak. 

Along the way, Valenciano made new friends who shared his vision; together they launched trade centres to support weavers and training programmes to enlist a new generation who would value and uphold the craft. The vibrant and characterful photographs saluting the masterweavers that open the text will endear the reader to their cause, while the 100+ full-page images and descriptions detailing the exquisite abel will begin to convince you of all we stand to lose if we allow these craft traditions and the stories they bear to be extinguished.